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✨️Wedding DIY in 2024 (and Beyond!)✨️

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Hey lovelies! Let's talk DIY weddings! DIY has always been a budget-friendly option, but it's also a fantastic way to personalize your big day and unleash your inner crafter.

🔮Flashback to 2017: A DIY Bride's Tale🔮

Confession time: I was a full-on DIY bride back in 2017. From designing save-the-dates (those trendy magnet ones, very 2010s!) to the entire invitation suite and even on-the-day stationery, I tackled it all. (Shoutout to The Wellbeing Farm for that awesome custom wooden welcome sign we still cherish!)

While I loved crafting and seeing my creations come to life, the process could have been smoother.

Enter the Cricut Revolution: DIY Made Easy

Thankfully, today's brides (and grooms!) have incredible tools like Cricut at their disposal. Cricut machines transform simple materials into stunning wedding décor and personalized gifts. Think:

✨️Welcome signs that wow:

Let go of the generic and create a custom sign that reflects your style.

🎀Unique table plans:

Forget boring table numbers – use Cricut to design creative and personalized plans that spark conversation.

🎁Meaningful bridal party gifts:

Show your appreciation with custom-made gifts they'll cherish.

The best part? Cricut's user-friendly software makes it perfect for beginners. No crafting expertise required!

Get Ready to Dive Deep into DIY Wedding Magic!

Over the next few days, we'll be exploring all things DIY wedding! From bridesmaid proposal boxes and hen do accessories to on-the-day signage and heartfelt parent gifts, we'll show you how to create personalised details using the power of Cricut.

⚡️🎉Bonus! Exclusive Cricut Offer🎉⚡️

We've partnered with Cricut to bring you amazing deals on machines, vinyl, and accessories. Follow this ➡️link ⬅️and use code AFF10CRICUT for 10% off Cricut materials, accessories, vinyl, paper & card on orders over £50!

So grab your Cricut (or get ready to invest in one!), and let's get crafting!

Clarissa ⚡️

Photography by Jack Valentine Photography

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