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Social Media Babe: I'm trying to catch up

As the wedding season starts to heat up for me (my first wedding of 2024 is next week!!), I realised I should really focus on posting more on my social media.

I previously used Instagram to regularly post and share tips and advice to my couples and wider audience. But since I have had more time to explore more social media mediums such as Tiktok and Linked In, I've been able to grow a different set of audience which I feel is different to the people who find me on Instagram.

You can find my Tiktok account on here, where you will see me dish out wedding planning tips, stores and advice, as well as regular updates on me being a Mum of two pottering about when I'm not talking about weddings.

For my LinkedIn account, I have been able to connect with more industry professionals and have had the pleasure of networking with some brands and companies via this platform.

I am mindful that I need to streamline my social media strategy as it could becoming very demanding quite quickly, juggling all these platforms. I also know I am not the best at batch content making and tend to be posting off the cuff and on the day.

Anyway, I hope you get to follow me on these platforms and comment and connect!

Also, shoutout to Jennifer Davy-Day Photography for these amazing branding shots that we did last year!! I feel like a rock star posting these shots! 😎

Clarissa ⚡️

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