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Spring Fling with a Twist: Sarah & Arash Tie the Knot in Didsbury!

Photography by Beans On Toast For Two

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Spring fling fever hit Didsbury, Manchester, and it wasn't just the blooming flowers! Sarah and Arash threw a wedding bash that was as unique and fun as their love story. This awesome couple, with roots in the vibrant cultures of Iran and Malawi, orchestrated a celebration that was a total party with a sprinkle of tradition. Let's just say, their guests were left saying "Wowza!"

A Ceremony with a Touch of "Me and You"

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

The historic Ivy Church played witness to their "I do's." Forget stuffy ceremonies, this one was a heartwarming mix of Persian and Malawian traditions, each detail showing how much Sarah and Arash cherish their heritage. It was like watching a love story bridge cultures, honoring the past while building a future full of adventures (and maybe some epic dance parties?).

A Bride Who Rocked Natural Beauty

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

Sarah, the picture of effortless cool, tossed the traditional bridal rulebook out the window. Her natural hair, adorned with delicate gypsophila flowers, screamed "springtime goddess." And her stunning two-piece wedding dress? Talk about versatile! It was ready to transform from ceremony-serious to reception-ready in a heartbeat. Imagine her strutting down the aisle to Nick Mulvey's "Fever to the Form," a smile brighter than the spring sunshine!

A Party Where Laughter & Grub Ruled the Night

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

Eleven Didsbury Park Hotel became a haven for pure fun and feasting. Guests went on a culinary adventure, with delicious Iranian and Malawian flavours tantalising their taste buds. It was a party that celebrated the couple's heritage in the most delicious way possible!

Let Your Love Story Bloom This Spring!

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

Sarah and Arash's wedding is a prime example of how love can bridge cultures and create a celebration that's truly unforgettable. It inspires us to embrace our unique backgrounds and personalize our weddings to reflect our own love stories.

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

Feeling the DIY itch for your own spring wedding?

Head over to this 🎉link 🎉 and explore the world of Cricut machines, materials, and endless project ideas! From custom invitations to unforgettable signage, Cricut empowers you to bring your creative vision to life and make your big day a party that blooms with love and personal touches.

With a little planning and a whole lot of love, you too can create a wedding that celebrates your unique story and leaves your guests saying "That. Was. Awesome!"

Beans On Toast For Two Photography

💡Supplier List 💡

Ceremony venue: Ivy Church, Didsbury

Wedding Coordinator: Grace In Spring Weddings

Photography by Beans On Toast For Two Photography

Reception venue: 11 Didsbury Park

Food: Ruth’s Kitchen

Food: Levant Street Food

Florals: The Flower Lounge

HMUA: Sarah Morten HMUA

Dress: Rock The Frock Cheshire

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