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Website is kinda- almost- sort-of done! Yay!

It's a Friday night, and I am trying to complete my website so that I can have this box ticked and actually showcase my wedding service packages that I offer to my couples! I have had several attempts at blogging (read: Geocities- remember those?) and at one point, I tried to blog my adventures in London when I lived there, but I enjoyed it too much and was too busy that I ended up closing the blog altogether. I suppose you could say, I was "living in the moment", but let's face it, I was most likely too busy taking photos of my food at restaurants and London tourist attractions. See Exhibit A below:

Anyway, launching this website and blog- which I will try to keep up to date as much as I can, is a massive thing for Grace In Spring Weddings. Apart from talking about wedding planning, the up and downs of it, I also want to talk about issues that are close to my heart: such as representation and inclusivity.

I will also write up about my experience in my first styled shoot which took place in May 2021 with a bunch of amazing wedding suppliers in Manchester!

I also want to write about what's it like to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic and the difficulties couples particularly in the UK are facing with planning their own weddings. So do keep up to date with me at Grace In Spring Weddings, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I always love hearing engagement stories from other couples- so do send me a DM on my social media and we can have a chat about all things engagement and weddings!

I am also currently setting up a Fusion/Multicultural/Inclusive Wedding Group on Facebook for Couples in the Northwest/Yorkshire, so watch out for that too!

Speak to you soon,

Clarissa xxx

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