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Sunday catch-up: the joys of England playing football, Hen Do's and frustration with Boris.

☀️Happy Sunday everyone, and well done to England for winning their first game at the Euros today! ⚽️

Not that I was watching it, I actually spent the afternoon doing some prop and styling research on our local highstreet -or what some would call going into Home Bargains and B&M and coming back with 5 rose gold tealight holders and seriously thinking about getting that £30 gold drinks trolley.

Anyway, I didn't get the trolley but I did get the tealight holders to match a few of the things in my styling inventory, but the moral of the story is go shopping when everyone else is busy watching football. It was so serene! 😌

🥂I wanted to post this photo of me in my own Hen Do figuring out the appropriate measurement for a cocktail I was asked to make as I miss the girls in this photo, I am hoping to meet up with the wonderful Stacey (right) next weekend, hopefully plans will still be upheld and we can have a grand old time in Preston, where we met as baby student nurses in 2006!👩‍🎓👩‍🎓

I absolutely loved my Hen Do, which took place in Manchester for a weekend in May, and it was so much fun getting dressed up in our retro inspired outfits and hair/make up. I just felt the love from the women in my life! 💕

So brideys and wife-to-be's, have you booked your Hen Do? What are your plans? I love listening to other Bride's and Bridal Parties' Hen Do ideas, particularly with the current covid restrictions.

Tomorrow, we will hopefully get some more news about the plan to lift restrictions on 21st June, and hopefully we will get some good news, but couples, please look after yourselves in the next 24 hrs, it is a very stressful time for couples planning to have their wedding in the next few weeks!

I think we all deserve a good full body massage after all the stress of not knowing what is happening with weddings! I certainly need one.

Speak to you soon.

Love, Clarissa xxx

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